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Performance-based predictive models and optimization methods for turning operations and applications: Part 2--Assessment of chip forms/chip breakability, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol.
Regarding unbreakability of limits, the issue caused enough concern in the European Community to inspire a proposed directive in 2005 that would have amended the standard to provide greater breakability.
It is through Rosamond that Eliot proves the breakability of the Victorian definitions of women as "angels".
This time around, K-C has done much better homework on the wipe's breakability and the subsequent trouble-free flushability throughout the plumbing and septic systems.
The use of shapes having sharp re-entrant corners, such as stars or crosses, can aid the breakability of the feeder and are often used on alloy steels for this reason.
This brings up another interesting quality of glass which I will be discussing soon--its dangerous breakability.
The containers are clear and made of a PET plastic, which offers the clarity of glass without the weight or breakability.
To commemorate the iPhone milestone, the breakability test team SquareTrade compared the the first iPhone to the most recent to demonstrate how much technology has developed between 2007 and 2017.
Generally the difficulties in machining stainless steel are attributed to low thermal conductivity, work hardening and poor chip breakability, which characterize the machining of stainless steels together with short tool life and poor surface quality, resulting in low productivity and high machining costs.
A "bendability test" hasn't been part of our breakability testing to date because up until this week we've never seen a phone thin enough to make this a potential issue," said a spokesman at SquareTrade.
Previous studies conducted on this subject have demonstrated a reverse correlation between the HU and extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) for stone breakability.