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Together with the new full-depth case packaging, it also offers a longer lifespan in trade, because it is tougher, 40% more durable and less vulnerable to breakage and scuffing compared to the regular bottle
We were keen to offer a solution to their problem that would allow processors to minimise the breakages and to maximise the high value commodity of the whole raspberry.
For example, instructors might want to defer discussion of breakage if they will be covering quality of earnings issues or ratio analysis later in the course.
These investigations suggested that, due to the expansion of materials caused by heat, the risk of such breakages increased in the summer time.
Though dogs are the worst offenders, cats knocking things off mantelpieces and flying budgies also clock up a fair share of breakages, according to LMG's research.
Manageress Claire Randall said: "This was a one-off - at that time there were a lot of breakages.