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To protect or shelter; to make good; to insure. To cover a check means to deposit sufficient funds in a bank account to pay the amount written on a check or checks.

The right of a purchaser to buy goods other than those that were originally contracted for as a remedy in the event of a breach of contract by the seller.

In contract law concerning sales transactions, the Uniform Commercial Code provides that a buyer may use cover for protection in an action for breach of a sales contract. The person may, in Good Faith, purchase substitute goods when a seller violates their contract by failure to deliver goods. The buyer may then recover the difference between the original goods or contract price and the cost of cover.

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Another item which showed immediate promise was a gunshot detection system fitted to a machine gun to allow snipers to be located and fired on without troops breaking cover. Defence Secretary John Reid said: "Today's infantryman needs much more than just weaponry to achieve his objectives."
Cooley served in Northern Ireland, Kuwait, Kosovo and Germany before his posting to Iraq and received praised after breaking cover to fire at an Iraqi sniper who was attacking civilians.
Growing numbers of the intelligence community are breaking cover to say the buck stops with Blair.