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She was, in a sense, one of "our crowd," and we had been afraid she would disgrace us by breaking down.
A spokesman said: "Officers dealt with a number of reports of cars breaking down near to the garage.
THREE boats were towed to safety after breaking down at sea.
Cars breaking down in the Dartford tunnel are towed away free of charge and in the Tyne Tunnel the fee is pounds 14.
The center's previous truck was old and not worth repairing, plus it kept breaking down, Cooper said.
But breaking down cellulose into sugar molecules is a key step in making ethanol from the nearly 430 million tons of plant waste produced on farmland every year.
To begin, outline the areas for your new beds using a rope or garden hose, then soak the space with water and add lime, an organic phosphate that lowers acidity and jump starts the aerobic process, breaking down the layers.