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The Breaking New Ground Resource Center (BNGRC) estimates that there are approximately 4,500-6,500 farm/ranch families with a member with SCI.
Protected Harvest is breaking new ground that will yield great successes for growers and the environment," said Brickey, "but I am looking forward to using my experiences to develop and advocate new policies for the West at this critical time in our region's history.
such as Outlook[TM] and products based on open source and open standards, the company is breaking new ground, giving users a completely new set of choices when it comes to their email and collaboration infrastructure.
In addition, our building management division is also breaking new ground in Harlem.
We are breaking new ground using cutting-edge technology, and believe we can offer foodservice operations better options for delivery of low-acid products to the consumer," says Ken Schlossberg, president of Steuben Foods.