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I wonder what his late grandfather would have thought of him breaking wind in front of thousands of viewers.
A love of drink, drugs, self-destruction, breaking wind into microphones, and being former stars of a hit comedy called Two And Half Men (Gazza starred with Jimmy Five Bellies).
Q MY boyfriend and I are having arguments over his disgusting habit of getting into bed every night and then spending about 10 minutes breaking wind,by which time the room stinks.
London, February 10 (ANI): Actress Anna Friel has revealed that how embarrassed she felt after breaking wind on the set of her new film 'Land of the Lost'.
But even she couldn't keep a stern face when she met a beagle who couldn't stop breaking wind.
With regard to the continued onslaught against smokers and some of their paranoid critics, can we now have a no breaking wind campaign in Newcastle where members of the public are not allowed to break wind in public?
Surprisingly, fewer people found other people breaking wind stressful - less than half (46%) thought it was the most irritating habit
It was not the first time Janet had clashed with Brian over breaking wind.
Mr Hill said claims that the banging noises were Barbara breaking wind were ridiculous.
A WACKY science exhibition which teaches children about burping and breaking wind opened to the public yesterday.
She said his behaviour was so offensive that staff dreaded coming to work Walton admitted belching, breaking wind and swearing at the practice in Whitchurch, Shrops, but only in front of staff, not patients, and that it did not happen regularly.
But whether it will prevent you breaking wind during intercourse is, I'm afraid, debatable.