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S4C's promotions department appears to have taken to breaking wind on the airwaves as often as possible.
Bialystock is a cartoonish, roly-poly, middle-aged vulgarian who gets the dough to mount his crummy shows (like The Breaking Wind and a musical based on Hamlet called Funny Boy) by porking rich little old ladies, whom he distinguishes by nicknames such as "Hold-me-Touch-me" and "Yank-me-Spank-me.
Since bowel movement has always been a subject of great discussion in my family, I had been dying to read famed French songwriter SERGE GAINSBOURG'S 1980 NOVEL EVGUENIE SOKOLOV (TAMTAM BOOKS, 1998), about an artist who uses the vibrations of breaking wind to make his work.
The Girls Aloud member, who has been dating Justin Scott for over seven years now, does not mind breaking wind in his presence if she has to.
EIGHT out of 10 Br itons admit having bad habits - with nailbiting, breaking wind and swearing topping the list.
The subjects under discussion: Katie's boobs, inevitably, and breaking wind.
After years of constant reassurance that Vitamin C was a sure defence against colds and flu, it turns out that it has about as much effect as a duck breaking wind in thunder - Sir Terry Wogan
She is an embarrassment to Liverpool girls with her belching, breaking wind, swearing and bullying.
A suspect was sent to the cells by a magistrate after breaking wind in court.
What with Lee breaking wind on the show and Rebecca Loos doing it twice, do we really need these kind of TV programmes?