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The decision was made in the wake of the Grand Slam of Darts when Scot Gary Anderson and Dutchman Wesley Harms blamed each other for repeatedly breaking wind.
I wonder what his late grandfather would have thought of him breaking wind in front of thousands of viewers.'
He was caught and we were treated to him breaking wind in his bedroom.
The virtual lover - Tom-I Gotcha - makes 24-hour demands for gifts, dates, letters and phone calls and comes with sound effects for snoring, breaking wind and squeaky-bed sex.
If you like gags about breaking wind, cuddling hamsters too hard and an obsession with cakes, then this is the gig for you.
BREAKING WIND 15 sag tr cac THE ever-popular Twilight saga gets the spoof treatment in an alleged comedy that comes with about as many laughs as cholera.
London, February 10 (ANI): Actress Anna Friel has revealed that how embarrassed she felt after breaking wind on the set of her new film 'Land of the Lost'.
But even she couldn't keep a stern face when she met a beagle who couldn't stop breaking wind.
With regard to the continued onslaught against smokers and some of their paranoid critics, can we now have a no breaking wind campaign in Newcastle where members of the public are not allowed to break wind in public?
A PENSIONER involved in a row with her neighbour claims she was reported to police for BREAKING WIND.
If I were to take her seriously, I too would believe that the perfectly natural bodily function of breaking wind is the root of our crumbling society.
In the 1980s, his comedy sketch show Torri Gwynt (Breaking Wind) was a must-see programme.