breaking with tradition

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More and more schools in Singapore are breaking with tradition and arranging more flexible timetables to allow students four days of core-course studies and one day of extracurricular activities, the Straits Times reported, according to a United Daily News report on Monday.
He was breaking with tradition because coins struck following the accession of a monarch normally show the new King or Queen looking in the opposite direction to royal profiles on their predecessor's coins.
If your holidays include lots of family time, holiday parties laden with kids, and gatherings with people who are anxious to know whether you are pregnant, consider breaking with tradition. This is the year to take care of yourself.
A HISTORIC North East indoor market is breaking with tradition.
BBC3 breaking with tradition by making a decent show - zombie drama In The Flesh.
In his talks, Eyring addresses the crisis facing higher education, and shows how traditional universities can continue to play their indispensible function by breaking with tradition and finding innovative, less costly ways of performing uniquely valuable functions, especially through embracing the very movement that now threatens to disrupt them: online learning.
Why do they think that breaking with tradition can be a good thing?
Breaking with tradition, he painted a landscaped background, spatial depth.
JUDGES are considering breaking with tradition and speaking out following recent attacks.
Some complete coward sent me hate mail this week claiming I was a sad Masonic thug who needed stringing up for claiming that I regretted not breaking with tradition and swapping my Rangers shirt with Celtic captain Roy Aitken during my Ibrox days.