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Singh on Thursday highlighted the future of growing power consumption in India, with an expand in the per capita energy consumption at a breakneck speed.
Leaping forward at a breakneck pace, the narrator's chaotic journey, wrapped in uncertainty, carries readers along with him.
Breakneck chronicles the jaded lives of two beautiful women who coldly compete to possess the same man.
19 SAT BOB DOOLALLY THE BLUE LAMP Breakneck Comedy presents Bob Doolally plus special guests.
But over the past century, things have shifted, and that trend has reversed to the point where some forms of change now come at breakneck speed.
An evening of laughs hosted by Aberdeen's premier comedy promoter Breakneck Comedy.
In this fast-paced account, Piot (director, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) recounts the breakneck international effort to define and halt the outbreaks of two devastating diseases, Ebola and AIDS, maintaining a personal perspective that draws the reader into the emotional side of his story, which extends from his experience on the ground in the Congo during the Ebola outbreak of 1974, elsewhere in Africa in the early '80s, through his retirement from the UNAIDS in 2008.
TWO thieves who stole pounds 20,000 worth of cable were jailed after trying to flee cops "at breakneck speed.
a nifty feature for a phone you'll undoubtedly be paying peanuts for, sure, but it's not going to make up for the fact that you can't download stuff at breakneck speeds.
Unfortunately, the 'Breakneck Coalition' have approached these fundamental questions at a breakneck speed, with a reckless abandon.
So much so that they vowed to build a new company called Breakneck Productions and to get back to rehearsals for yet more productions.
Andersen's gravelly drawl is the ideal foil for his technical wizardry, especially on the breakneck bottleneck of Tell Me and a caring cover of Steve Earle's My Old Friend The Blues.