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The show runs at breakneck pace with plenty of costume changes and non-stop madness and it is still original and still very funny.
For example, there's a moment at the beginning of the band's song "Emergency" when the guitar takes off and the song is suddenly moving at a breakneck pace.
FOR the third film in the series, The Fast And The Furious accelerates at breakneck speed to the streets of Japan.
Primark needed little advertising to achieve its breakneck speed of growth.
And after hitting such breakneck speeds all Huddersfield superbike star Tom Tunstall wants to do is relax.
Typically, that train steamed through the station at breakneck speed to the consternation of all the astonished, frozen customers.
Bodies fold and unfold over one another; men slap their partners' hands between the breakneck revolutions of partnered turns, while the women toss their hair and draw the backs of their hands defiantly against their mouths.
As the number of e-tailers continues to grow at breakneck pace, and as some analysts predict online sales to grow to as much as $184.5 billion in 2004, e-commerce poses tremendous challenges for traditional store-based retailers.
Rock group Ash will today mon stage a string of breakneck concerts in all the UK capitals.
From the outset, Olivier Assayas' breakneck behind-the-camera satire Irma Vep immerses the viewer in the heady desperation of moviemaking.
BREAKNECK COMEDY SNAFU In Aid of the STV Appeal, Breakneck Comedy presentsThe Big Comedy Gala.
JANUARY 29 Breakneck Comedy, Snafu, Aberdeen 8.30pm.