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When chlorophyll breaks down, a plant's leaves become vulnerable to the sun's harsh rays.
When using raw manure you must wait a few months until it breaks down and cools before planting.
Also, if a customer's air conditioning and heating unit breaks down and covered property is damaged as a result, this coverage generally takes care of the damaged equipment and resulting business income loss.
Technical Consumer Products' (TCP) fres[h.sup.2]Ti is a compact fluorescent light that breaks down odors while producing energy-efficient light.
Where it touches cave walls, the acid breaks down the limestone (rock made mostly of the mineral calcite) and carves out the cave.
Eventually sugar breaks down into glucose, which is needed by the brain for normal functioning.
First, it "breaks down fats and proteins you eat into energy, with more BIOTIN," says the label (and
"When a tram breaks down the trams following along behind need to cross over to the opposite track and then back to get round it.