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Beyond a kind of shared, general understanding of breakthrough innovation as a game changer, the limits of the concept are not terribly clear, especially in a rapidly evolving technological and economic environment.
Peter Reynolds, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said: "We are absolutely thrilled that the Breakthrough credit card has reached the magic pounds 1 million mark.
Areas ripe for breakthrough research included wood processing energy reduction; wood adhesives, resins, and composites; wood building systems; and innovative wood resources.
The breakthrough was accomplished through a collaboration among IBM researchers working in New York state and California, and represents a dramatic improvement in the emerging scientific field of nanotechnology, i.
Once breakthrough occurred, formaldehyde permeated the neoprene at a rate matching that of the others.
Things got emotional when Washington gave the breakthrough award to his ``Antwone Fisher'' star Luke and the two embraced warmly.