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On the same day, Ponce entered into a second contract with the same firm for the 'strengthening and reinforcement of blocks' of the breakwater with an additional cost of about P1 million per meter.
We have to protect our land so we have installed breakwaters and will put another ten and we are really, really happy.
It is worth reminding people that the breakwater is in fact private property and not a public amenity.
They just managed to grab a hold onto the rocks at the end of the breakwater, this probably saved their lives.
The financing from Breakwater will support the company's increased working capital needs in furthering these initiatives.
The breakwater system is designed to swiftly rise from the sea bottom in the event of tsunami, and contribute to prevention or mitigation of tsunami impact to harbors and coastal areas.
The Holyhead Breakwater Country Park is situated on the site of an old quarry which supplied stone for the 1.
In recent three decades, more and more marine structures, such as breakwater, platform and turbine, have been constructed in offshore areas.
If the tanker falls from the breakwater it will go down on top of another oil tanker, Lady Moon, which sank on January 24 in similar weather conditions,'' an official at Khalid Port told Gulf News yesterday.
Breakwaters & Coastal Structures Conference (9th: 2009: Edinburgh, Scotland) Ed.
and its project partners on Thursday unveiled a remote-controlled breakwater designed to rise from the sea floor to counter high tides or tsunami.
26 August 2011 - Belgian zinc smelter Nyrstar (EBR:NYR) said it had completed its friendly tender offer to buy Canadian metals explorer Breakwater Resources (TSE:BWR) for CAD663m (USD672.