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Compared with never-users of hormone therapy, current users at the start of the study had an elevated risk of dying of breast cancer (relative risk 1.
Besides, how would one then explain the fact that studies show no link between miscarriage and breast cancer, as anti-abortionists acknowledge?
But a mammogram can't show for sure whether you have breast cancer.
Some 30,000 autologous transplants were performed in 1998, with 30 percent of them for breast cancer.
But whatever the mix of science and sexism--weird attachment to, or hatred of, the Mother--that guides the breast cancer business, you do get the sense of a profession that has abandoned its mission.
He says he would advise his daughter to rely on an herb-based method of blocking breast cancer rather than pop a prescription drug.
Kirk, CEO of the support and advocacy group, Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.
My concern," she says, "it that we take a specific incident such as someone like Melissa Etheridge being diagnosed with breast cancer and put it in the larger context of health disparities and health justice and how that plays out" among lesbians.
Although the data presented at the scientific sessions reflect advances in uncovering the link between environmental exposures and breast cancer, there's still a long way to go before a cure for breast cancer is found.
The results of a Norwegian study, which concluded that men were contracting breast cancer at twice the expected rate in those occupations with high EMF exposure, spurred the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to make breast cancer studies linked to EMF exposure a high priority in the early 1990s.
Weiner's sister and Parker's mother are breast cancer survivors.
Nevertheless, clinical data clearly demonstrate the efficacy of NOLVADEX for palliation (symptom-reduction) of metastatic breast cancer in men.

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