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However more extensive, diffuse disease would make patients intrinsically unsuitable for breast conservation surgery.
Compared with conventional lumpectomy or mastectomy, oncoplastic breast conservation has been shown to reduce re-excision rates, and it has similar rates of local and distant recurrence and similar disease-free survival and overall survival.
Eighteen-year results in the treatment of early breast carcinoma with mastectomy versus breast conservation therapy: the National Cancer Institute randomized trial.
These include a breast conservation lumpectomy that generates clear margins, lumpectomy followed by radiation of the involved breast, and chemoprophylaxis with tamoxifen (Nolvadex[R]) or raloxifene (Evista[R]).
Around 55 per cent had breast conservation surgery and 44 per cent had a mastectomy.
Over 1 600 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and selected for breast conservation therapy (BCT) were enrolled.
MRI of the breasts was highly sensitive (5) (59%) in detecting occult primary lesion in breasts and MRI increased the rate of breast conservation surgery.
The primary objective of this study was to determine whether mastectomy is used more frequently (over breast-conserving surgery) in rural BC, since radiotherapy is routinely offered in the setting of breast conservation, which is less available in rural BC.
The patient gave a history of a hard, slightly painful lump in the left breast for which she had undergone breast conservation surgery.
Screening picks up the disease at a much earlier stage and, as in Alison's case, means breast conservation can be carried out with the tumour removed as a lumpectomy.
Short-term mammography following modern breast conservation has very low yield for new ipsilateral invasive breast cancer," Dr.
The following clinical scenarios, for which breast MRI is indicated, will be reviewed: preoperative evaluation of patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer, evaluation of breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, evaluation of breast cancer patients with positive surgical margins following breast conservation therapy, evaluation of patients with metastatic axillary lymphadenopathy and an unknown primary malignancy, determination of silicone breast implant integrity, breast cancer screening in high risk women, and the use of breast MRI as a problem-solving tool for equivocal mammographic findings.

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