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Based on our research, it is not safe to buy breast milk online, and the Food and Drug Administration recommends against sharing milk obtained in that way.
The questionnaire was used to elicit information on their practices concerning expressed and stored breast milk.
Linda said: "The donor milk bank min t i k f t ti "Not all mums of these premature babies can produce enough of the breast milk needed - which is often related to their baby's early birth and the stress of having such a sick child.
So not only were wet nurses and their lower class status perceived as a 'threat' to the quality of their breast milk but (both informal and formal) shared breastfeeding arrangements also become intrusive to maternal roles.
With the help of the Internet, midwives and breast-feeding advocacy programs run by community or medical groups, new mothers who can't produce enough milk to feed their infants now can find breast milk donations to help maximize the nutritional benefits of breast-feeding.
The prevalence of online sharing of breast milk is impossible to quantify, but it has caught the attention of the Food and Drug Administration.
Donating breast milk is like donating blood--it saves lives," says Mary O'Connor, SMH's manager of Childbirth Education & Lactation Services.
Cautions have always been placed on the purchase of breast milk online as it is unpasteurised and often not kept in sterile equipment.
Women can donate surplus breast milk to NHS "milk banks" for premature babies.
Women can donate their surplus breast milk free to NHS "milk banks" to help premature babies.
Making life easier for moms who express, the Pump and Go system includes everything moms need to simplify the often challenging and needlessly complicated breast milk storage and feeding process:
The Texas House on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a measure that would require public employers to provide accommodations for mothers who need to pump breast milk while at work.