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Table 5 shows that: Out of total 520 neonates, 224 (43.07%) had exaggerated physiological jaundice, 108 (20.76%) had ABO incompatibility, 31 (5.96%) had Rh incompatibility, 35 (6.73%) had G6PD deficiency, 36 (6.92%) had sepsis, 15 (2.88%) had cephalhematoma, 7 (1.34%) had intrauterine infection, 6 (1.15%) had breast milk jaundice, 4 (0.76%) had hypothyroidism and 54 (10.43%) were idiopathic jaundice.
Jaundice appearing after the 1st week: breast milk jaundice, septicemia, congenital atresia of the bile ducts, hepatitis, rubella, herpetic hepatitis, galactosemia, hypothyroidism, spherocytosis (congenital hemolytic anemia), other hemolytic anemias (G6PD deficiency, glutathione synthetase, reductase, peroxidase, pyruvate kinase deficiencies).
For years physicians have been taught to have the mother discontinue breastfeeding for 48 hours and then re-check the child's jaundice, which should be greatly improved if it is due to breast milk jaundice, and completely unchanged if a more serious disease exists.