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The FA profiles of the breast muscle of guinea fowl broilers fed the faba bean diet showed a lower fraction of total saturated FA (SFA) (p<0.
Fatty acid (FA) concentrations (g/100 g of total FA) in breast muscles of broiler chicken fed diets with different n-6 to n- 3 FA ratios Item FA n-6 to n-3 ratio High Medium Low FA 0.
For each cooked breast muscle, the strip was sheared in two locations, and the average was used for data analysis.
Total RNA was extracted from the breast muscle with the RNAiso Plus (TakaRa Biotechnology Co.
Each panel member received one cube of breast muscle and one cube of thigh muscle from each cooked broiler half.
Effects of sex, age, perslaughter factors, and holding conditions on the quality characteristics and chemical composition of turkey breast muscles.
IMF content in breast muscle and leg muscle and abdominal fat of the two chicken breeds at 56 d were significantly lower than at 120 d.
Muscle pH : The breast muscle pH value was measured at 45 min after slaughter with a portable pH meter (HI8424, Beijing Hanna Instruments Science & Technology Co.
There were significant genotype x sex interactions for the cholesterol and carbohydrate contents of the breast muscle (Table 7).