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16) Hematoma formation and myonecrosis, as noted in the leg and breast muscles of the pelicans reported here, have been described as common findings in association with C sordellii infections in humans (14) and in a single case reported in a brown bear (Ursus arctos).
The breast muscle of all birds from the high-fat diet groups had a higher percentage lipid yield compared to that of the standard diet group, with those from the coconut oil group being the highest and those from the palm oil group being the lowest.
Ni and Cr concentrations in breast muscles and livers of black kite at two localities (Kotla Arab Ali khan and Gujrat).
Moreover, first results on breast muscle gene expression demonstrated that increasing dietary methionine level lead to differential gene expression at muscle level.
For more than two decades, Larry Merculieff and his fellow Aleuts have witnessed ominous signs: seabird chicks so weak that they fall from cliffs, adult birds so malnourished that their breast muscles cave in and Steller sea lions so hungry that they attack fur seal pups (a sight unheard of in Aleut memory).
The breast muscles are by far the largest muscles in a passerine's body, together comprising at least 15% of the total wet mass of the bird (e.
The breast muscles are placed back together in a natural shape or cooked individually.
As shown in Figure 1, chicken breast muscles with high drip loss showed lower levels of HSP90 compared to that of low and intermediate drip loss groups.
The gross pathology findings included poor body growth, lack of development of the breast muscles, abnormalities in the keel development, and bone fragility.
Breast muscles (including pectoralis major and minor), leg muscles (including thigh and drumstick muscles) and abdominal fat (including leaf fat surrounding the cloaca and abdominal fat surrounding the gizzard) were removed and weighed.
Similar samples were collected at d 1, 7, 14, 21, and 28 after hatching including deboned muscles from breast (right side) and thigh (left side) for weight, in addition, lowest and highest growth of breast muscles samples were collected from 90 d old chickens.