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Also, mothers that breastfeed are less likely to get breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
The post Only two out of ten in Cyprus breastfeed exclusively appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Across the UK women in Northern Ireland (42%) and Wales (52%) were the least likely to breastfeed in public compared to England (59%) and Scotland (60%) (HSCIC, 2012).
At the Women's Hospital there is a variety of incentives to help women breastfeed.
Hospital practices and women's likelihood of fulfilling their intention to exclusively breastfeed, American Journal of Public Health, 2009, 99(5):929-935.
This year's World Breastfeeding Week provides an opportunity to sensitize policy-makers, donors, implementing partners and the general public to the benefits of breastfeeding, to its particular importance in emergency situations, and to the need to protect and support mothers to breastfeed during emergencies.
There is an inappropriate [amount] or lack of facilities to enable mothers to breastfeed wherever they may be, and there is a lack of a social support system for mothers who want to breastfed," added Ur-Rehman.
Choosing to breastfeed is a concern with impact reaching beyond each individual mother and child to longer-term health outcomes for society.