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Toledo says liposuction is a hit with both sexes eager for a quick fix before they walk down the aisle and some women are prepared to go through breastwork before they tie the knot.
Throughout the day, they gradually advanced their standards to within a few yards of the breastwork, but there was little sense of alarm in the camp below.
Dress shields, armed guard at breastwork, a hard mail covering.
By eight o'clock the morning of 14 January, Terry had created a strong north-facing breastwork across the peninsula.
the only slightly suprising aspect is that the height advantage was only 4palmos or 1 m, less than a breastwork with merlons, which at Alcacer was typically about 10 palmos (2.
Nye) ("[The Justices] were throwing a breastwork around a corrupt and tottering party; it was a legal breastwork thrown around [President James] Buchanan and his administration.
BREASTWORK, as any military historian will tell you, is the technical word used to describe a defensive wall.
The best over-all shape is approximately tear-drop, the upper end rounded off, the deep end at the dam somewhat flattened across the inner surface of the breastwork.
The most likely explanation is that they are projecting stones or beams on which the parapet or breastwork ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) rested.
We read that in the 1850s others were exacerbating the problem by "cutting down the banks of the Harbour and carting soil into the Bay without any breastwork, [doing] much mischief.
The existing 1970s timber groynes and breastwork defences just weren't up to the job.
At most, there were about 100 Sharpshooters left to defend their breastwork.