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BREATH, med. juris. The air expelled from the chest at each expiration.
     2. Breathing, though a usual sign of life, is not conclusive that a child was wholly born alive, as breathing may take place before the whole delivery of the mother is complete. 5 Carr. & Payn, 329; S. C. 24 E. C. L. R. 344. Vide Birth; Life; Infanticide.

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Breath sound recordings were captured using a small microphone inserted into a Hans Rudolph breathing valve through the saliva port.
Moussavi and colleagues, recorded the tracheal breath sounds of 35 patients with varying severity of OSA and 17 age-matched controls.
There was dullness, soft breath sounds and inspiratory crackles in the left base posteriorly.
In the emergency department, she displayed decreased breath sounds and crackles on the left side.
I can do a more comprehensive assessment before contacting medical staff, eg if a person is short of breath, I can now assess air entry and additional breath sounds.
Her breath sounds were of normal intensity on auscultation of her chest.
Physical examination revealed an area of dullness to percussion in the left lower lung field with diminished breath sounds.
We used a stethoscope for taking blood pressures and listening to apical pulses-not breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds or bruits.
The comparison between this product and a general use stethoscope is unmistakable in its clarity and ability to magnify even faint breath sounds to a level that are audible.
At the return visit to the emergency department, the patient exhibited decreased breath sounds, intercostal retractions, distension of the abdomen, and tachycardia.
Physical examination indicates lobar consolidation, bronchial breath sounds, increased fremitus, and dullness to percussion.
There were bilateral decreased breath sounds with percussion dullness in the right hemithorax.