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Can three young people breathe life into the myth of a legendary hero and save their country?
Incredibly, instead of accepting defeat gracefully, they are still trying to breathe life into the corpse.
When set against a backdrop of Waitrose and Superdrug, it is hoped that people will return to breathe life into this notorious superstructure, not only to shop in Oasis, but also to dwell in one; relaxing, working, living and of course shopping.
But in the end they were forced to admit, just as Ben and I had, that no matter how hard you try to breathe life into a fantasy, sometimes reality is the best you can hope to get.
It helps establish fluidity." She also uses creative, sensuous imagery to breathe life into movement.
The human muscular system is an intricately designed complex that embodies a vast network of tough, interwoven tissues of various sizes and shapes that breathe life into our bones through movement.
Kadir Nelson's ever-brilliant illustrations breathe life into the spirited little cowgirl heroine.
Our jobs are full of challenges, but it is the individual beat cops who actually make it work, breathe life into it, and give it real value.
It is helping to breathe life into this old seaport city on the Bay of Biscay.
Such stories breathe life into what is sometimes a tiring read.
"We do everything possible to breathe life into them -- we sing, we dance, we give them lots of physical contact.