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Schwarz-Bart's talent as a novelist help breathe life into every page.
Such stories breathe life into what is sometimes a tiring read.
But how does one breathe life into this lengthy gospel with all the incumbent difficulty of maintaining the listener's attentiveness over such a long span?
In this book aimed at junior and senior high school teachers and artists in residence, Michaels urges teachers and students to read and write poetry "as though their lives depended upon it," and to breathe life into classroom writing traditions that aren't hands-on or intense.
His rigorous redesign project of the former buildings, which includes maintaining some of the old facades, entrusts time to return and breathe life into a neighborhood that dates from the time of the Marques de Pombal.
In an effort to get the carousel in working condition after damage from Hurricane Katrina, on Tuesday, April 25, 2006, Hampton Hotels' Explore the Highway with Hampton(R) Save-A-Landmark program is devoting the time, resources and volunteers needed to refurbish the park and carousel -- just in time to breathe life into this magical landmark for the busy summer travel season.
3 billion) in Italian companies, aiding efforts by Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti to breathe life into a weak economy.
Michael Gambon, Albert Finney, Romola Garai and Rufus Sewell breathe life into their characters.
That rhythm fits nicely at the McGroarty Arts Center, where artists steadily and consistently breathe life into the former home of a poet laureate long since gone, but never forgotten.