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Paul Hollard, executive director of planning at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said: "This is really exciting as it will breathe new life into the hospital and bring in new medical services.
David Cameron will attempt to breathe new life into his much-criticised 'Big Society' initiative, declaring that it is "my mission in politics" to make it succeed.
Emma's Revolution manages to breathe new life into familiar but timely topics, from battle cries ("Bound for Freedom") and illegal immigrants ("If I Give Your Name") to refugees ("Refugee") and pollution ("Silent Spring").
Would enthusiastic young dancers come along to breathe new life into the Graham idiom, or would only those of the powerful middle period--the '40s and '50s--continue to reign?
The title's reuse reflects the artist's ability to breathe new life into castoffs, and the phrase itself notes his penchant for soapbox-derby technology and lemonade-stand production budgets.
I am indeed trying to breathe new life into the son of the man symbol, even if I go beyond its original meaning in its original context.
When the public scandal broke that churchmen and others had been actively involved in raping molesting and culturally abusing native children over several generations, I felt there was an opportunity to breathe new life into an ailing institution.
Two vital organizations have united to breathe new life into a mission that focuses on high quality standards and a vision that seeks to bring cohesiveness to a fragmented marketplace.
However, the problems that they have, force them to open up to each other and help breathe new life into their friendship.
He desires to breathe new life into a traditional discipline downgraded at many universities.
With the island's population plummeting from 180 to 110 in less than 20 years, the move will breathe new life into the tiny community.
Unfortunately, especially in the midst of our current international crisis, some still attempt to breathe new life into these age-old ways of looking at Islam.