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This is a mixed-use development that will not only help to generate employment, but also breathe new life into the area.
Coun Eddie McAtominey, lead member corporate development, said: "I am delighted that we are signing this agreement with the William Sutton Trust which has the experience to help us breathe new life into the area.
Unfortunately, especially in the midst of our current international crisis, some still attempt to breathe new life into these age-old ways of looking at Islam.
For anyone looking to add a splash of personality to a new restaurant' or breathe new life into an aging establishment, Mixed-Up Mosaics says it can help with its mosaic tabletops and mirrors.
They are hoping it will breathe new life into the veteran console which has sold 70 million units world-wide.
Isaac La Peyrere and the Old Testament" explores this movement at the intersection of high and low culture, and "Prolegomena to Friedrich August Wolf" explores it as part of the effort to breathe new life into the study of the classics in eighteenth-century Halle.
We look forward to working with the company to breathe new life into the redevelopment area.
Supporters of the plan say the clearance of so many houses is necessary to breathe new life into the terraced housing market.
Community worker Stephen Humphrey plans to help breathe new life into his North-East home town ( after joining an ambitious regeneration project.