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In either case, Verb Ballets' new set designs and costumes for its reconstruction of Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring, created by Appalachian artists Suzy Campbell and Robert Katkowsky, breathed new life into the masterwork, replacing its starched, abstract look with a more literal, squalid one.
Blair's uncompromising stance emerged after EU leaders in Brussels breathed new life into the constitution plan by setting a [June 30] deadline for a decision."
At a time when the church had become moribund and native leaders and their communities could have breathed new life into an ailing institution?
Rebounding gold prices - hovering around $303 (US) an ounce in mid-July have breathed new life into the northern Timiskaming district by spurring a resurgence in development and exploration activity with Foxpoint and a diamond-drilling campaign-north of Kirkland Lake by Queenston Mining Inc.
A SCHEME that has breathed new life into deprived parts of America is being planned for St Helens.
Roederer literally breathed new life into the Rendez-vous and gave it a new exciting direction.