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" You breathe differently when you are furious, calm, sleeping or crying.
How a child breathes is a reflection of their health and the myriad factors that influence it.
* breathes out through the nostrils so slowly as not to move the delicate fringe of the feather;
When we breathe through the nose, we filter the air, blocking out harmful pollutants and allergens.
And when he wants a sip of tea, he stops speaking breathes in and out, takes a drink, lowers his cup, breathes again, and continues.
The life force, or chi field, functions or "breathes" through three main currents known traditionally in China as yin, yang, and yuan.
Typically, a person living at sea level who vacations in the mountains for a few weeks breathes harder and harder over a period of 8 days and then maintains the heaviest breathing until returning home.
* The average person breathes in and out up to 3,453 gallons (13,071 liters) of air per day.
The way one breathes can have either a salutary or deleterious effect on one's health and wellbeing.