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But then he stopped breathing again so he was rolled over and the process repeated - three to four times, according to Huw.
Dad Mark Steabler, 31, said: "I remember seeing doctors just working on Jack, trying to get him breathing again, and I just felt terrified.
The two officers administered first aid on the women in an effort to keep them alive until the ambulance could arrive, successfully getting the domestic helper to start breathing again.
I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife's name".
He then stopped breathing again, so I did another 30 compressions.
After doing that, the baby cried and started breathing again," said Rosemarie Alberca in Filipino.
"Fortunately that started him off breathing again and, very soon, three of the nurses who had been in the restaurant came out and took over until the paramedics arrived.
It meant she was conscious and breathing again before being taken from the scene by road ambulance and ferried to hospital in Bridgend, where she is recovering.
I can even imagine the voices in their heads screaming, 'Turn the page, turn the page!' Only when the page is finally turned do they collectively exhale and start breathing again. The moment of silence has passed and when it's gone, someone often exclaims out loud ...
The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
remove the aqua lung from your mouth, pop in the space food from NASA, replace the aqua lung in your mouth and press the button on the aqua lung to purge away the water in your mouth and start breathing again: as simple as that!"
PC Lewis gave artificial resuscitation and managed to get Shaye breathing again. The tot was taken to hospital where he made a full recovery.