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A key part of the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Bill, published yesterday, it is aimed at breathing new life into the country economy.
NEW YORK-Crispina Designs is breathing new life into old sweaters.
It introduces the historiography and the relevant theoretical perspectives ('Durkheim and beyond'); discusses the working of the law on suicide; develops the key organizing context of the life cycle in Victorian towns, which is the overarching theme around which most of Bailey's questions are pivoted; sets the local context for the study by presenting the urban ecology of Hull; charts the changing incidence of suicide statistically, with appropriate caveats; and moves on to the main body of the evidence, discussing the incidence and context of suicide at four life-cycle stages (and thereby breathing new life into discussions of living standards from a completely novel angle).
Organizing drives by the AFL-CIO and the SEIU that target service-sector employees, immigrants, and others who have not traditionally been unionized are breathing new life into the labor movement.
An enthusiasm for planning-by-layers is breathing new life into urban design ...