breathing spell

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I believe that the great Creator has put ores and oil on this earth to give us a breathing spell. As we exhaust them, we must be prepared to fall back on our farms, which is God's true storehouse and can never be exhausted.
Bankruptcy is intended to give a failing business a breathing spell so that it may attempt to work out its financial problems in an orderly fashion.
''Investors had a breathing spell in the morning as there were no particular positive incentives following yesterday's advance and ahead of the key events,'' said Yumi Nishimura, manager of the equity planning and administration department of Daiwa Securities SMBC Co.
There's little room for that in Crystal's show, where even the pauses for laughs, applause or empathetic "ohhhs" and "awwws" seem calibrated with a Swiss mechanism--often actively invited by the star with a gesture or a grin--right down to a breathing spell near the end that allows for a conclusion that also functions as a built-in encore.
It would be a shame to lose focus on those issues just because a shift in the economic winds has granted us this breathing spell. LATEST PREVIOUS YEAR % PERIOD PERIOD AGO CHANGE EMPLOYMENT (000) U.S.
I am aware of the fact that all of us are weary of being reminded in this present recession (or by whatever name this particular economic breathing spell may be described) that every effort should be made to reduce costs so that we can lay down our product or perform our service for the ultimate consumer at the lowest possible price.
Neither would exist today but for the breathing spell afforded by Chapter 11.