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He stretched himself and yawned, cast one more glance across the moonlit plain, and then stood suddenly still, stiffened into an attitude of breathless interest.
Once she had missed it and turned it away, any mongrel could take it," Ilagin was saying at the same time, breathless from his gallop and his excitement.
The grand woman, who in the old stage days had held thousands breathless over the mimic woes of the scene, stood there grander than ever, in her own woe, and held the three people who looked at her breathless till she spoke again.
He was going to answer, when Mrs Honour came running into the room, all pale and breathless, and cried out, "Madam, we are all undone, all ruined, they are come, they are come
At last, after despairing, breathless screaming, and vain sucking, things went right, and mother and child felt simultaneously soothed, and both subsided into calm.
When his arms and legs suddenly extend and stop with breathless precision into a photographic image suspended in the air, the contrast is stunning.
In an almost breathless account of a familiar score, Fischer seamlessly combined disparate episodes to achieve a cohesive and compelling whole, sacrificing neither tonal security nor balance for propulsion.
Sowers works hard trying to keep the breathless pace moving and acquits himself admirably, although the various accents he's called on to voice could use some work.
It makes for a breathless schedule, but Kron says she's fine with that.
Any video store or art-house series worth its salt will offer classics of the French New Wave such as Breathless (1960) or Alphaville (1965).
By the end, as he performed the duet with the able Patricia Tomlinson as Terpsichore (whose breathless phrasing sadly had no inner life), Kabaniaev seemed to be in conversation with the master.