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Torn and bleeding though they were, she worked on breathlessly until she had made an opening through which she could worm her body, and at last she stood outside the enclosure.
Together they scurried to the pavilion and sat breathlessly down under its friendly roof.
Kids will be breathlessly asking each other that question over the next week.
Yet another Times article breathlessly observed that, in "a radical about-face," the au courant bride is wearing a less-revealing gown.
A TV series I love I am breathlessly, overthe-top excited about House of Cards coming back at the end of May.
AL AKHBAR: Hariri: We do not mind complete proportional law Bassil receives Hezbollah's stance on the matter: No agreement before amendments AL MOUSTABAL: Aoun condemns use of weapons of mass destruction as Hariri confirms that bombing civilians with chemical weapons is not acceptable ANNAHAR: Country breathlessly awaits whether a breakthrough will occur or just another extension R.
But if it makes for a breathlessly assaultive, vastly entertaining couple of hours, it can be discomfiting whenever there's a pause in the pelting gunfire and we glimpse the contours of the flesh-and-blood tragedy.
Last night he breathlessly warned us "A shock revelation from Sarah Willingham" was on the way.
With submarines, serums, secret bases and spies, it breathlessly barrels between Venice, Antarctica, Shanghai and New York.
Twists and turns in the script are the same as Sam Raimi's action-packed 2002 blockbuster but technology has advanced in gargantuan bounds and The Amazing Spider-Man soars in the breathlessly paced action sequences.
This spell-binding James Bond genre espionage novel for the middle school set will leave readers breathlessly waiting for the next installment.