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He tweeted: "For ministers not to confirm that this Government will accept and comply with legislation lawfully passed is breathtaking."
"Stacey, you're breathtaking," he wrote along with his signature.
Call it the 'best seat in the house.' Sycamore Heights is masterplanned to give its homeowners breathtaking views of the panoramic vistas around them.
Former newspaper editor Neil Wallis tweeted: "Breathtaking hypocrisy by #GERRYMCCANN to continue to attack Press Freedom, yet spends fortune to PR in press abduction of child."
Writing on her Facebook page, Mrs Bates described the donations as "breathtaking".
Escorted visits to Eternal City Rome, hill-top gems Siena and San Gimignano and Florence, breathtaking 'Cradle of the Renaissance' ?
SAT (Underwater Assault Commandoes) opened its doors to press members for the first time with a breathtaking show during which many targets were terminated by real bullets.
"In the second half some of the football was breathtaking "You could feel it over the last couple of weeks, the anticipation building and the style in which we finished it was fantastic, symptomatic of the way this team is.
BREATHTAKING BRAZIL DIALAFLIGHT is offering an eight-day group tour of Brazil, pictured, from PS1,699 per person (saving PS75 per person).
A WARWICK firm has donated PS500 towards a school's engineering project - which has been branded 'absolutely breathtaking'.
MARTIN GALLAGHER For visitors to take full advantage of the many local attractions and breathtaking sights/areas that Holyhead has to offer.
Summary: With breathtaking performances, new shows and artists performing for the first time in the region, the Sharjah Water Festival has become more interesting and has emerged as a not-to-be-missed event.