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GFG Group developed the infrastructure which is hosted and managed by BRED I.
FIRST PLACE Wallridge Moor Whistler bred by Caroline Anderson was 1st placed Shearling tup, Male Champion and overall Breed Champion
Nobody can say for certain what other dogs Sailor and Canton were bred to--curly-coated retrievers, St.
Dean Britton, of Ferndale, Rhondda, has bred the first golden eagle to be born in captivity in Wales PICTURES: Peter Bolter (c)
An animal's fate changes from owner to owner; it can fall victim to all manner of illegal activity; and if it is bred in captivity, it loses many of the legal protections afforded wild-caught endangered species.
Mass produced factory bred commercial breeds are very similar genetically.
Many beef breeds were originally bred for large size and great strength so they could be used as draft animals to pull carts, wagons and plows, as well as for beef.
In the Hard Feather section of poultry showing, the birds have been bred from the original fighting breeds.
Scientists believe that ferrets have a bright future because every year they have been released into the wild, they have bred.
Maureen Kenton, who has bred Norwegian elkhound dogs for more than three decades, called the breeding restrictions ``a fair compromise.