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FIRST PLACE Wallridge Moor Whistler bred by Caroline Anderson was 1st placed Shearling tup, Male Champion and overall Breed Champion
They were never bred to one another--in fact they were essentially moved to opposite ends of the bay--but together they laid the foundation for the Chesapeake.
As explained in this book, it's a population of animals that trace their origins back to specific offspring of the original genetic parents; that share a common history over the generations; that were selectively bred for their desirable traits; that have a characteristic appearance distinguishing them from other breeds; and that have a certain degree of genetic uniformity, allowing them to consistently transmit their breed type from generation to generation.
Golden eagles, although rare, are occasionally spotted across South Wales, but have never been bred in this country before.
The Langshan, a graceful and stately breed, was bred for centuries in the Yangtze Kiang River region of China about 100 miles from Shanghai.
While Betsy Dresser's frozen bongo embryos may someday become wild antelope, and the National Zoo's golden lion tamarins may head for Brazil, most SSP animals will be bred solely to keep zoo populations alive and healthy.
New Zealand based global payments software solutions firm GFG Group has joined hands with IT services hub BRED I.
Crossbred: An animal created bg mating two purebred or straight bred animals of different breeds, or mating a crossbred with an animal of a third breed.
For centuries, the Poitou has been valued in its homeland for the famed mules it produces when bred to Mulassier mares.