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Neonatal mortality and morbidity associated with preterm breech presentation.
A breech presentation is most often an indication for an elective caesarean section (Hannah et al.
The researchers concluded that caesarean delivery independently reduces overall risk in breech presentations and risk of intrapartum fetal death in cephalic presentations but increases the risk of severe maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in cephalic presentations.
In view of the high PNMR in both groups, it also supports the suggestion that breech presentation is a consequence of poor fetal quality.
Willan, Planned caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for breech presentation at term: a randomised multicentre trial: Term breech trial collaborative group, The Lancet; Volume 356, Issue 9239, October 21, 2000, pages 1375-1383.
We cross-checked and combined information from the two sources to create our analysis variables, including the three key variables: current cesarean delivery, prior cesarean delivery, and breech presentation.
Therefore, if you are having a baby, or contemplating one, don't hesitate to ask your doctor at the first prenatal examination how he handles a breech presentation should it occur.
Detection and Nonoperative Management of Pediatric Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Infants Up to 6 Months of Age" Although screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip(DDH) most often includes an ultrasound before age 6 months, the new CPG recommends selective ultrasound screening if an infant has the following DDH risk factors: breech presentation at birth, a family history of DDH or signs/history of hip instability.
Given the trends in patient demographic characteristics and preferences, the virtual disappearance of vaginal delivery in cases of breech presentation, and the dramatic reduction in instrumented vaginal delivery (and the associated gradual disappearance of the skills necessary to perform these procedures among obstetricians), it seems unlikely that we will see a major change in use of cesarean delivery for twins nationwide.
1) Despite concerns about the validity of the trial's results, (2) caesarean section (CS) became the delivery mode of choice for breech presentation in South Africa, where the National Guidelines for Maternity Care in South Africa state that 'elective caesarean section is the safest method of delivery for a baby with a breech presentation'.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of hypnosis to convert a breech presentation to a vertex presentation.
The investigation showed that the mother's age when giving birth (older than 34), breech presentation, and being firstborn were significant risk factors for the development of an ASD.