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External cephalic version for breech presentation at term.
Accordingly, the case was diagnosed as dystocia due breech presentation coupled with fetal ascites.
Is planned vaginal delivery for breech presentation at term still an option?
8) Another study conducted in the USA found that the increase in cesarean sections in singleton preterm births was probably due to more breech presentations.
Glezerman's workshop courses include techniques of breech delivery, changing presentation from breech to head and management of different breech presentations.
Risk factors for OBPP include macrosomia, assisted delivery or breech presentation, prolonged labor, excessive maternal weight gain, cephalopelvic disproportion, and subsequent shoulder dystocia.
With breech presentation, caesarean delivery had a large protective effect for fetal death.
3) Another Dutch survey compared the PNMR in breech presentation with that in vertex presentation in singleton pregnancies; it was concluded that breech presentation is not coincidental but a consequence of 'poor fetal quality'.
How well does the clinical examination identify breech presentation in late-stage pregnancy?
The infamous Term Breech Trial, "Planned caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for breech presentation at term: a randomised multicentre trial" was published in The Lancet in October of 2000.
Of the two infants exposed in utero, one was in a breech presentation and born prematurely, and the baby's mother also had taken penicillin, betamethasone, and alprazolam while pregnant.
The study was a survey taken 3 months post partum of 1,596 women who had singleton fetuses in a breech presentation at term.