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I was just human, and I was taking the path in the world that men took--men whom I admired, if you please; full-blooded men, lusty, breedy, chesty men, free spirits and anything but niggards in the way they foamed life away.
Bactest will show its Speedy Breedy range, the world's most versatile portable microbial contamination test.
Speedy Breedy ship s crew can test ballast water onboard for contamination in accordance with the IMO D-2 performance standard for the discharge of ballast water.
A585 Breedy Butts Bridge strenghtening, near Thornton
COQUILLE (29) - Christenson 12, Dorland 9, Pearce 6, Albertson 2, Tribble, Woodruff, Horlacker, Schrader, Martindale, Breedy.