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Then on went the never-tiring Breeze, over forest, hill, and field, till the sky grew dark, and bleak winds whistled by.
Here is the breeze, this time," he exclaimed, "and no mistake
You're so careless that you might make a breeze if I let you inside.
But the land breeze had begun to die away with the rising sun, and now came only in failing puffs.
Silence, save for the whisper of the morning breeze.
Flee, my friend, into thy solitude--and thither, where a rough strong breeze bloweth.
I waited for more light; the breeze began to fail on my face.
Then she took up the white foam that streaked the line of the advancing tide, and threw it upon the breeze, scampering after it with winged footsteps to catch the great snowflakes ere they fell.
The sun had just set, the sea breeze was rustling and tumbling in the woods and ruffling the grey surface of the anchorage; the tide, too, was far out, and great tracts of sand lay uncovered; the air, after the heat of the day, chilled me through my jacket.
A brisk breeze arose about ten o'clock; but, though it might have been prudent to take in a reef, the pilot, after carefully examining the heavens, let the craft remain rigged as before.
A clear, perfect day, with a gentle breeze and a sunny sky, greeted Princess Ozma as she wakened next morning, the anniversary of her birth.
The stiff breeze and heavy sea which had sprung up the previous afternoon had been moderating all morning, so that it was now possible to lower the boats for an afternoon's hunt.