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Gass might celebrate the preeminence of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays, their pertinence and intelligence, as he does in "Emerson and the Essay" (found in Habitations of the Word), but his own combination of breeziness and erudition produces essays on a wide range of topics--mass culture, the nature of prose in fiction, directions of the contemporary novel, to name a few--that will probably stand as seminal statements for and about late twentieth-and early twenty-first-century culture, specifically the culture of the novel.
The melody, with its staccato hops between notes, calls for a breeziness that Lestingois cannot at this moment muster.
After a while, however, readers will begin to realize that for all the breeziness, not much of the inner man is revealed.
Spicer's melodies composed as modern counterparts to traditional Bach chorales have an evangelical breeziness about them that sounds quite incongruous - and the work is too long.
Powell could have a tendency to seem stuffy; Barber's breeziness undercuts this slight pomposity without ever tainting his sympathy for the man and his work.
Sitting down for a chat during the Toronto Film Festival, the acclaimed director of High Art is all breeziness and sincerity as she discusses her new movie, Laurel Canyon.
Sometimes the breeziness does not quite work, as when spectacle and market place are extolled without noting that on display stood an "Ethiopian Savage" being described as "this astonishing Animal" (p.
But Honore redeems his breeziness by opening real windows on the stale old complaints of busyness and breakneck pace.
I like the sometimes Zen breeziness he aspires to, I like the natural world he evokes with care, but I mostly like things like poem 18 in the "Geo-Bestiary," the sequence of new work that closes this collected poems.
A handsome African-American, Alex's wide smile and breeziness are straight out of Hollywood.
If he's writing a ballad or a love song, there is always a lightness or breeziness," Vik said.