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For, my brethren, the best shall rule, the best also WILLETH to rule
Not only to propagate yourselves onwards but UPWARDS--thereto, O my brethren, may the garden of marriage help you!
O my brethren, not long will it be until NEW PEOPLES shall arise and new fountains shall rush down into new depths.
O my brethren, into the hearts of the good and just looked some one once on a time, who said: "They are the Pharisees.
O my brethren, when I enjoined you to break up the good, and the tables of the good, then only did I embark man on his high seas.
Keep yourselves up betimes, my brethren, learn to keep yourselves up
This new table, O my brethren, put I up over you: BECOME HARD
CERRITOS - Grace Brethren of Simi Valley didn't start the season like a Southern Section Division XI contender, but the Lancers are serving notice now.
At the time of the First Chronicles, the senior Bloodguard commanders are as physically ageless and as chronologically old as Brother Stephen, and their brethren-in-arms, like the brethren of the Light, represent all intervening periods of their people's history.
a leader in family-friendly entertainment software, announced today at International Christian Retail Show 2005 that it has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with Brethren Entertainment Software, an award-winning Christian entertainment software company.
Grace Brethren High possessed expectations this fall of defending its Southern Section Div.
Farrar, who was home-schooled until arriving at Grace Brethren her sophomore year, usually was the best player on the court, using her leaping ability and powerful hitting to control matches.