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For, my brethren, the best shall rule, the best also WILLETH to rule
Not only to propagate yourselves onwards but UPWARDS--thereto, O my brethren, may the garden of marriage help you!
O my brethren, not long will it be until NEW PEOPLES shall arise and new fountains shall rush down into new depths.
O my brethren, into the hearts of the good and just looked some one once on a time, who said: "They are the Pharisees.
O my brethren, when I enjoined you to break up the good, and the tables of the good, then only did I embark man on his high seas.
Keep yourselves up betimes, my brethren, learn to keep yourselves up
This new table, O my brethren, put I up over you: BECOME HARD
At the time of the First Chronicles, the senior Bloodguard commanders are as physically ageless and as chronologically old as Brother Stephen, and their brethren-in-arms, like the brethren of the Light, represent all intervening periods of their people's history.