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noun authorization, charge, charter, declaration, decree, edict, fiat, grant, law, license, mandate, manifesto, ordinance, ordination, placet, precept, prescription, rule, sanction, warrant, writ
See also: warrant

BREVET. In France, a brevet is a warrant granted by the government to authorize an individual to do something for his own benefit, as a brevet d'invention, is a patent to secure a man a right as inventor.
     2. In our army, it signifies a commission conferring on an officer a degree of rank immediately above the one which he holds in his particular regiment, without, however conveying a right to receive a corresponding pay.

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Il s'agit maintenant de trouver une nouvelle ligne de demarcation entre le droit civil et la common law, tache ardue puisque les deux traditions cherchent a etablir un equilibre entre, d'une part, la protection equitable du titulaire du brevet et, d'autre part, la securite juridique, c'est-a-dire la previsibilite de l'etendue du monopole (133).
Le President de l'OEB, Benoit Battistelli, et le Ministre tunisien de l'industrie, de l'energie et des mines, Kamel Ben Naceur, ont signe un accord de validation des brevets europeens.
While preparing for Sunday's brevet, the Nuh climb was my personal demon, thanks to the previous encounter.
Le brevet conjoint peut etre vu comme le resultat d'un effort conjoint dans le contexte d'un projet de recherche specifique.
Attitudes positives envers le brevet communautaire.
In the case of the United States Marine Corps, on 16 April 1814, Congress authorized the President to `confer brevet rank on such officers of the Marine Corps as shall distinguish themselves by gallant actions or meritorious conduct, or who shall have served ten years in any one grade.
His most widely read and translated works include the Knut Toring trilogy (1935-39; The Earth Is Ours) and his four-volume epic of the folk migration from Sweden to America in the 1850s, Utvandrarna (1949-59; The Emigrants), Invandrarna (1952; Unto a Good Land), Nybyggarna (1956), and Sista brevet till Sverige (1959).
Born in Plymouth, the son of William Wheaton and Jane Brimacombe Chard (1847); attended the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, and commissioned lieutenant in the Royal Engineers on graduation (1868); captain and brevet major at the outbreak of the Zulu War (early January 1879), and placed in charge of the crossing facilities at Rorke's Drift (near Ladysmith) on the Tugela River; commanded the tiny British garrison of 140 (of whom 30 were sick or wounded) and defended it successfully against repeated attacks by a force of 4,000 Zulus (night January 22-23); awarded a Victoria Cross, along with his fellow officer, Capt.
He is best known for his epic cycle dealing with the 19th-century Swedish immigration to America: Utvandrarna (1949; translated as The Emigrants , 1951), Invandrarna (1952; translated as Unto a Good Land , 1954), Nybyggarna (1956), and Sista brevet till Sverige (1959), the last two of which were abridged and translated together as
Centre Maren Liane then struck a brace of her own, winger Marie Brevet getting round the back of the defence to fire in either side of one from right-half Marlen Slinning Goulty as the Vikings began to open up a lead.
ISF is affiliated with Brevet Capital Management, which recently offered a US$100 million funding pool to Perth-based Radium Capital.

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