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noun authorization, charge, charter, declaration, decree, edict, fiat, grant, law, license, mandate, manifesto, ordinance, ordination, placet, precept, prescription, rule, sanction, warrant, writ
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BREVET. In France, a brevet is a warrant granted by the government to authorize an individual to do something for his own benefit, as a brevet d'invention, is a patent to secure a man a right as inventor.
     2. In our army, it signifies a commission conferring on an officer a degree of rank immediately above the one which he holds in his particular regiment, without, however conveying a right to receive a corresponding pay.

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But amid celebrations to mark the Brevet results, which involved celebratory gunfire and fireworks, things took a turn for the worse.
Desormais, met en garde l'ONG, les entreprises lancent des campagnes juridiques a coups de millions de dollars pour acheter des brevets sur nos fruits et legumes de tous les jours, forcant les agriculteurs a verser des redevances exorbitantes.
NVHC Women: Andrea King (GK), Marie Brevet (6 goals), Marlen Slinning (10), Josephine 'Fienke' Nanne (3), Gesa Junge (1), Blessing Ogbee, Sandra Christke (6).
A son article 42, la loi canadienne sur les brevets enonce que tout brevet accorde au brevete et a ses representants legaux, << le droit, la faculte et le privilege exclusif de fabriquer, construire, exploiter et vendre a d'autres, pour qu'ils l'exploitent, l'objet de l'invention, sauf jugement en l'espece par un tribunal competent >>.
L'enthousiasme concernant l'efficacite d'un brevet communautaire est partage par 58% des cadres qui estiment que ce brevet serait "efficace" pour inciter les entreprises en general a innover et 46% pensent que ce serait un moyen "efficace" pour leur propre entreprise.
In the case of the United States Marine Corps, on 16 April 1814, Congress authorized the President to `confer brevet rank on such officers of the Marine Corps as shall distinguish themselves by gallant actions or meritorious conduct, or who shall have served ten years in any one grade.
His most widely read and translated works include the Knut Toring trilogy (1935-39; The Earth Is Ours) and his four-volume epic of the folk migration from Sweden to America in the 1850s, Utvandrarna (1949-59; The Emigrants), Invandrarna (1952; Unto a Good Land), Nybyggarna (1956), and Sista brevet till Sverige (1959).
He is best known for his epic cycle dealing with the 19th-century Swedish immigration to America: Utvandrarna (1949; translated as The Emigrants , 1951), Invandrarna (1952; translated as Unto a Good Land , 1954), Nybyggarna (1956), and Sista brevet till Sverige (1959), the last two of which were abridged and translated together as
Centre Maren Liane then struck a brace of her own, winger Marie Brevet getting round the back of the defence to fire in either side of one from right-half Marlen Slinning Goulty as the Vikings began to open up a lead.
ISF is affiliated with Brevet Capital Management, which recently offered a US$100 million funding pool to Perth-based Radium Capital.
Hussein Abdullah presided over the Military Tribunal Friday in the cases of several suspects accused of celebratory gunfire following the recent release of Brevet exam results.
NNA - National Education and Higher Education Minister, Elias Bou Saab, on Tuesday expressed satisfaction regarding the climate exiting in the official Brevet exams, indicating that the new administrative, logistic and information measures have been applied by 95%.

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