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Rich in experience and individual interpretation of Scripture, the German hymns were a powerful contrasting element to the Latin hymns from the Breviaries.
129) Of the fifty-nine printed Roman breviaries surveyed by Hanns Bohatta that bear an indeterminate date or a date between 1501 and 1518 and whose format he indicated, thirteen were in 4[degrees], thirty in 8[degrees], eleven in 12[degrees], four in 16[degrees], and one in 24[degrees]--see Bohatta, 1-8.
As such, it will prove useful tot teaching as well as research, since notated breviaries are not accessible outside of research libraries and are rarely available on microfilm at reasonable cost, given their many folios.
8) Most recently, Lynette Muir has provided texts for the responsories as found in English manuscript breviaries from Hyde Abbey and York.
The collection is full of interesting monastic tomes (mainly Benedictine), Catholic saints and missionaries (as well as some Protestant) and prayer books, missals and breviaries.
What I thought about was how irritated I have always been by all the breviaries I've used.
The cover of a recent New York Times Magazine, seamless white backdrop, three Roman Catholic seminarians holding their breviaries.