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33) On the inclusion of Joachim and Joseph at key points in certain of the Syon breviaries see Bridgettine Breviary, xlii-xlix and passim.
Like many breviaries, this one includes proper historiae for the saints of the Christmas season, even Thomas Becket (with the first responsory of Matins Students livor), to whom a collegiate church in Esztergom was dedicated.
What I thought about was how irritated I have always been by all the breviaries I've used.
Portable breviaries and missals were stock symbols of clerical misunderstanding in Protestant texts and pictures ranging from satires published under Edward VI to Spenser's Faerie Queene.
The cover of a recent New York Times Magazine, seamless white backdrop, three Roman Catholic seminarians holding their breviaries.
Feininger's collection of 1,140 printed books spans five centuries and virtually every important diocese, religious order, and printer, although missals and breviaries and books from Italy predominate.
33) While it is not known how many breviaries Paolo Manuzio printed, a letter of Mariano Vittori to Pietro Capelletti, gives some idea of the numbers involved: "S.