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This facsimile is of more than national importance, however, far as far as I know, it is the first to be published anywhere of a medieval breviary with musical notation.
Even when the same homily forms the basic text, different excerpts may be used, varying slightly even from breviary to breviary within the same rite, and the text itself may become garbled, or conflated with another homily?
The breviary did not contain the Gospel readings but only their incipits, or first words.
posits a series of stages in their evolution: the earliest, a "pure" collectar; the next, a "primitive" type containing the capitula (chapter readings); and finally, the "office collectar," close to a breviary in its comprehensive contents, including musical texts (20-21).
So if you need to locate the Book of Lismore (Chatsworth), the Chatsworth Chaucer (Tokyo), the Toulouse Breviary (Cambridge), the Wakefield Plays (San Marino), the Holkham Bible Picture Book (London), the Paris Chansonnier (Montpellier), the Tris Riches Heures (Chantilly, or Petrarch's Virgil (milan), this is the book to turn to.
200) noted in the second century, the teaching of the Church is the same the world over, no matter what countries or languages (Treatise against heresies, used in Breviary, April 25, Feast of St.
The novel flows back and forth between past and present, and at times reads almost like a breviary so prayerful it is in spite of the narrative thread revolving around torture and death.
Once in the basement of my grandparents' house I found his cassock and Roman collar Hanging from a rafter, blessed and bodiless And under it, a trunk of priestly things, Surplice and biretta, right chalices, A sick call kit and leather breviary.
For those intending to perform the Vespers in a liturgical reconstruction, he provides chant antiphons for all the significant Marian feasts, judiciously taken from a seventeenth-century Venetian breviary.
65) Nonetheless, the implication is that the devotee reads a type of text suited to her piety, such as a breviary or prayer book.
In addition to hearing 300-400 confessions a day, he said Mass, read his Breviary, taught Catechism, and led the Rosary for the parish at night.
She pulls out her breviary from her backpack, and opens it in her lap.