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BREVIARIUM. The name of a code of laws of Alaric II., king of the Visigoths.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(1) And his novel Il piacere truly becomes a breviary, to borrow Cevasco's term, a bible--or in socio-economic terms, a manifesto--for its time.
With the apostolic constitution Divino Afflatu of November 1, 1911, a thorough reform of the Roman Breviary and its accompanying rubrics went into effect.
(2) Edward Caswall, Lyra Catholica: Containing all the Breviary and Missal Hymns, with Others from Various Sources (London, 1849), x, xiii-xix.
Legends of Scottish saints; readings, hymns and prayers for the commemorations of Scottish saints in the Aberdeen Breviary.
The book's low-key but meaningful subtitle, "A Breviary" (a term which denotes the essential scriptures and incantations used by Catholic priests), also suggests another kind of breviary created by the sin-eater's mission-path.
Bob Bushaway London: Breviary Stuff Publications, 2011.
In fact, the regime produced massive quantities of literature, including new printed editions of the missal, breviary, and primer--contrary to its reputation as being anti-intellectual.
The commercial and political atlas and statistical breviary. Willliam Playfair.
Pfaff painstakingly and extensively traces the development of the old and new ordinals (if the latter can be said to have existed) and the excruciating difficulty of understanding and using the breviary. He concludes with cautions about assuming a uniformity within the Sarum Use and the difficulties that the highly detailed and prescriptive use would have entailed for small churches: one might "discern, or at least suspect, a certain casualness about some of the less important, or less exciting, provisions of early sixteenth-century liturgy" (444).
In 2008 a small breviary from 1310-20 made in Paris reached the 'stiff price' of 1.8m [euro] at Sales Livres, Manuscrits Maigret in Paris in November 2008 because, explains Mr Tenschert, 'it originated from the Duc du Berry period and had not been on the market for around 100 years.'
A comparison of the calendar with the calendar of the breviary of St.
Later, when Gerard narrowly escaped capture, he had to watch being seized "all my meditation notes, my breviary and several Catholic books, and, what I valued most, my manuscript sermons and notes for sermons which I had collected together over the last ten years.