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1) And his novel Il piacere truly becomes a breviary, to borrow Cevasco's term, a bible--or in socio-economic terms, a manifesto--for its time.
At Auckland, with one possible exception, (81) he secured all the manuscripts he is known to have ordered, including the highly collectible Neufchatel Missal and Macarata Breviary.
With the apostolic constitution Divino Afflatu of November 1, 1911, a thorough reform of the Roman Breviary and its accompanying rubrics went into effect.
The Aberdeen Breviary was Scotland's first printed book, published in 1510; it is the most important existing source of information about Scottish saints' lives.
Pfaff painstakingly and extensively traces the development of the old and new ordinals (if the latter can be said to have existed) and the excruciating difficulty of understanding and using the breviary.
In 2008 a small breviary from 1310-20 made in Paris reached the 'stiff price' of 1.
A comparison of the calendar with the calendar of the breviary of St.
Later, when Gerard narrowly escaped capture, he had to watch being seized "all my meditation notes, my breviary and several Catholic books, and, what I valued most, my manuscript sermons and notes for sermons which I had collected together over the last ten years.
Much more to her taste was Wilde's peer, the "vagabond" poet Verlaine, as Max Nordau had labeled him in his notorious 1892 breviary Degeneration.
Asi, objetos y seres que hacen referencia al mundo natural y real inundan la iluminacion con su presencia: desde flores y frutas, dispuestas de modo aislado en los margenes, o bien <<prendidas>> o <<insertas>> en los mismos; pasando por las mariposas e insectos que acuden a dichas flores, hasta llegar a aquellas otras presentadas en un plano con sombras con un verdadero caracter ilusionistico y extra real (Grimani Breviary, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Ms.
Bold swathes are cut through European intellectual history using brilliant readings of a chosen breviary of works.
First, there is the importance of scale for a true appreciation of the book and its context, from the miniature fourteenth-century Breviary (Special Collections, Baillieu Library, The University of Melbourne, see illustration above)--at just 100 x 68 mm, to the massive Rimini Antiphonal (MS Richardson 273, State Library of New South Wales)--at 525 x 365 mm.