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Add brewed green tea, cranberry-peach juice and pineapple juice.
Samuel Adams([R]) Boston Ale is specially brewed, fermented and aged in the traditional stock ale tradition imparting bright citrus aromas and a full-bodied, robust taste to the brew.
This beautiful, deep amber color lager is brewed using only the four classic ingredients and traditional brewing methods.
As the fastest growing segment in the alcoholic beverage category, the craft beer industry has experienced steady growth in recent years, proving that beer drinkers have come to appreciate the interesting, full-flavored beers being brewed by Samuel Adams and other craft brewers across the country.
In fact, George Washington encouraged a policy of buying only American-brewed beer, James Madison seriously considered a proposal for a National Brewery, and Thomas Jefferson brewed 15 gallons of beer every two weeks for daily drinking.
Brewed with licorice, a proprietary hand-smoked malt, and almost a pound of East Kent Goldings hops per barrel, this brew has a deep, black walnut color and toasted malt taste, with notes of molasses, toffee, cocoa and dates.
The Mickey's franchise, which includes Mickey's Malt Liquor, Mickey's Ice and now Mickey's Stinger, is brewed and distributed by Miller Brewing Company.
The excitement and pride I felt when I brewed my first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in my kitchen, and still feel today when I brew, is what I hope other beer enthusiasts will discover when they're brewing their original recipe.
Shiner Light is a full-flavored, deep amber light beer, brewed with a blend of choice Munich malt and select hops to create a brew that is lower in calories, but full of the rich flavor that Shiner drinkers have come to expect.