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Overseeing the process was South Africa's first black female Brewmaster , Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, who's company -- Brewsters Craft -- was also responsible for brewing the beer.
Red Cypress Brewery will be one of many breweries returning to participate in the 3rd Annual FemAle Brew Fest and Amanda and other women in brewing will be on site to chat about their passion for brewing, experiences in an occupation traditionally held by men, and their thoughts on the future for craft brewing and women in the industry.
Taiwan Bear dark beer is one of Taihu Brewing's popular products (Taihu Brewing photo)
CBA and AMB have been working together since 2015, when AMB entered into a strategic partnership to leverage CBA's brewing capacity, marketing resources, and distribution network to drive growth.
By combining a mathematical model defining the process of sake brewing with machine learning that uses data obtained in the brewing of DASSAI, this predictive AI model technology will provide data to support an optimized sake brewing process.
today announced that they will conduct a joint field trial to brew DASSAI sake, a rice wine brewed and marketed by Asahi Shuzo, using a Fujitsu Laboratories-developed predictive artificial intelligence model that supports the brewing of sake.
Costa Cold Brew combines a carefully selected Colombian blend with expert craftsmanship and a 20-hour brewing process that produces a deliciously smooth and refreshing experience that will tempt the coffee-lover in all of us."
49th State Brewing Company was founded in 2010 by Jason Motyka and David McCarthy.
The Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing course is aimed at providing "an intensive introduction to the sciences of brewing, drawing a direct connection between brewing science and brewing practice." Topics include raw materials, malting, brewing, fermentation and finishing.
"All of the methods of coffee brewing have essentially the same goal -- what you are trying to do is take soluble coffee grounds and transfer them to liquid in your cup.
Brewers Paul Spencer and Robin Moss teamed up with former Rat brewers for the special ale, and began the brewing process on Tuesday for their 'double mash monster'.
Less than a year after opening, Wander Brewing doubled its brewing capacity with three new brewing tanks.