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Three more brew pubs would hardly be noticed on the West Coast where there are at least 200 and counting.
2 million barrels of Samuel Adams a year, or more than one in five of every craft brew sold.
McGough took courses from the brewer's guild and worked for a microbrewery in Bakersfield before becoming the brewmaster for Antelope Brewing Company, the first brew pub in the Antelope Valley.
This brew is the perfect complement to glazed ham, spicy chili, and roasted vegetables, such as beets and carrots, which bring out the herbal notes found in the hops and the sweetness of the honey.
The beer is sold at selected stores around the Southland and has a showcase brew pub at Los Angeles International Airport.
Four Points by Sheraton is pleased to offer a wide selection of brews featuring imports and North American craft beers, each chosen for their unique flavors, popularity and quality ingredients.
This mix pack showcases a variety of full-flavored, complex craft brews, ranging from the hearty, yet smooth Samuel Adams Holiday Porter, to the sweet toffee and caramel notes of Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale," says Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams beer.
Because of this commitment to flavor and quality, all Samuel Adams brews are award-winning, including those in the Brewmaster's Collection.
With four full-flavored brews, each as distinct and authentic as the next, Samuel Adams is paying tribute to our founding fathers who were also brewers.
As part of this year's Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Samuel Adams asked three of the nation's leading chefs to go head to head, toe to toe and spatula to spatula in its "Three Chefs and Three Beers" Challenge where they whipped up culinary creations using the flagship brew, Samuel Adams Boston Lager(R) and two new brews - Traditional Ginger Honey Ale and George Washington Porter(R)- both being introduced for the very first time at the festival.
As a small, independent craft brewery, Samuel Adams has always been able to push the envelope of traditional brewing techniques to discover brews that excite and challenge the palate.
McRory's was the first Seattle establishment to serve Henry's brews in Washington after a months-long lobbying effort by McHugh.