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Brewski Chorlton hit the headlines last year with its deep-fried Christmas dinner, featuring a foot-long, battered pig in blanket.
It all concludes with the mother of all brewski events, the Mother's Day Hangover Beer Brunch at 16 Tons, corner of East 13th Avenue and High Street, on May 13.
The 2003-2004 Corona Extra/Corona Light Brewski promotion invites Americans to make "the most important run of the day--the Corona Brewski Run.
Then the spot cuts to "average" joes having a brewski in the backyard.
Just about time for a brewski now," Bodine said, as all four quickly fell back into their lackadaisical routine, cracking beverages and lounging against the sides during the 10 minutes before the start of the second heat.
Owades has served as the architect for many successful contract brews, including some of the Samuel Adams brands and the Brewski beers, among others.