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My good fellow," he said, "you have made yourself a notorious person in this country by dint of incessant bullying and bribing and corruption of every sort.
There was no duplicity in that man; and when I congratulated him on the perfection of his arrangements--even to the bribing of the wretched Johnson against me--he had a genuine movement of protest.
To think that my master should have suspected the conversation I had with yours, and so dragged me away in a post-chaise, and after persuading the sweet young lady to say she knew nothing of him, and bribing the school-mistress to do the same, deserted her for a better speculation
Nobody was rendered more indignant by these proceedings than Mr Sampson Brass, who, as he could by no means afford to lose so profitable an inmate, deemed it prudent to pocket his lodger's affront along with his cash, and to annoy the audiences who clustered round his door by such imperfect means of retaliation as were open to him, and which were confined to the trickling down of foul water on their heads from unseen watering pots, pelting them with fragments of tile and mortar from the roof of the house, and bribing the drivers of hackney cabriolets to come suddenly round the corner and dash in among them precipitately.
Prosecutors claim that one of the Pakistani men, aged 40, runs a tourism company and started bribing the accused to forge documents to show that that people who had overstayed their visas had paid their fines.
Additionally, Zarrab acquired Turkish citizenship for himself and several other foreigners by bribing the sons of some ministers.
The OECD Foreign Bribery Report analyses more than 400 cases worldwide involving companies or individuals from the 41 signatory countries to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention who were involved in bribing foreign public officials.
Two Arabs employed with a contracting company, which tied up with the Abu Dhabi Police for a construction project, have been referred to the Criminal Court on charges of bribing a public officer.
Be it a means to get away after violating traffic rules, getting a police verification done for a passport or for a ' hassle- free' driving licence, residents of the Capital are either voluntarily bribing or being bullied to pay.
Abu Dhabi: An Asian has been sent to prison pending trial for charges of bribing an employee at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, the Public Prosecution announced today.
Jumping the queue or better treatment are therefore the main reasons for bribing medical staff in public hospitals.
29 after pleading guilty in June to four counts of bribing a public employee and two counts of paying medical assistance bribes/kickbacks.