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Police enforced a road block on streets around the press club diverting vehicles to alternative roads as smoke engulfed the area sending journalists trapped inside as protestors used stones and brickbats.
A pile of brickbats, heaped into an urgent and thoughtless pile, to the new virtual judging system implemented this year for the "Mayor's Art Show.
After enduring a week of pressure and brickbats from the trade press, MillerCoors management agreed to take another look at their agreement (see below).
The angry critics threw brickbats, sometimes even bricks, Unaware of the clever idea in the artist's box of tricks.
Ever since its establishment by John Major in 1993, the CSA has been the target of constant brickbats, from complaints of snooping and unfair settlements to criticism of deeply flawed computer systems and attacks on its failure to collect billions in unpaid maintenance.
Koizumi has earned brickbats and bouquets for visiting Yasukuni Shrine each year since he took office.
She'd played the PR game in a higher league, fended off political brickbats as a Bill Clinton campaign spokeswoman and took some lumps when Al Gore struck out in 2000 and cost her an ``Assistant to the President'' title.
Consequently, the French authorities have borne the brunt of the world media brickbats.
And since she owns one of America's most powerful mics, it's easy for her to pretend those brickbats don't even exist.
Those who fail seem to end up smashing glasshouses with wildly aimed brickbats.
I've taken my share of brickbats for having offered some years ago a definition of assisted living as "a nursing home with a chandelier.
Lewis pitted his life against attack dogs, the permanently crippling aftermath of brickbats and skin-peeling fire hoses to bring the first glimmer of real freedom and dignity to African Americans.