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BridgeWare was founded in Dongan-Gu, Anyang, Korea, in April of 2005.
BridgeWare also allows companies to add new business processes to the HPe3000 application prior to implementing the migration process and to preserve the integrity of that functionality once it does move to an open systems environment.
John Marrah, president of Ecometry Corporation, believes that including BridgeWare in his company's migration strategy will assist Ecometry customers in making the migration process as painless as possible.
BridgeWare technology will allow us to provide better performance for web based shopping and in-store POS systems while adding a level of redundancy to ensure continuity in case of back end server failure or telecommunications failure.
We researched the market and chose to embed BridgeWare in our new products, based upon its proven track record of high performance and on our long term relationship with Quest and Taurus.
The BridgeWare family of products includes Micro Focus DeskTop BridgeWare(TM) (PowerBridge(TM) and VisualBridge(TM)) and the Micro Focus BridgeWare Server Enabling Kit, both ideally suited for rehosting and partitioning COBOL and CICS applications for reuse within a client/server architecture.