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BRIDGE. A building constructed over a river, creek, or other stream, or ditch or other place, in order to facilitate the passage over the same. 3 Harr. 108.
     2. Bridges are of several kinds, public and private. Public bridges may be divided into, 1st. Those which belong to the public; as state, county, or township bridges, over which all the people have a right to pass, with or without paying toll these are built by public authority at the public expense, either of the state itself, or a district or part of the state.
     3. - 2d. Those which have been built by companies, or at the expense of private individuals, and over Which all the people have a right to pass, on the payment of a toll fixed by law. 3d. Those which have been built by private individuals and which have been dedicated to public uses. 2 East, R. 356; 5 Burr. R. 2594; 2 Bl. R. 685 1 Camp. R. 262, n.; 2 M. & S. 262.
     4. A private bridge is one erected for the use of one or more private persons; such a bridge will not be considered a public bridge, although it may be occasionally used by the public. 12 East, R. 203-4. Vide 7 Pick. R. 844; 11 Pet. R. 539; 7 N. H. Rcp. 59; 1 Pick. R. 432; 4 John. Ch. R. 150.

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By combining the bridging and access functionalities into a single product," said Sarah Kim, a wireless technology analyst at the Yankee Group, "Vivato extends its core product offering to small and mid-sized businesses, while simultaneously enabling its larger customer to scale Vivato-specific functionalities at a lower total cost of ownership.
Bridging as a mental activity is the most common way we use the word "bridge" in human relations.
11g bridge gives users numerous options when it comes to bridging remote LANs and providing mobile client access, all simultaneously with one product.
Incorporating dual-radio architecture, the SMC2888W-M provides its bridging over the network manager's choice of either the 802.
Designers also can order a PLX Rapid Development Kit (RDK) - PLX offers two versions: one for forward-bridging mode, the other for reverse-bridging mode -- to evaluate the bridging device's features, streamline product development and quickly bring PEX 8114-based designs to market.