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Characteristic Case 1 Case 2 Age/sex 51 years/male 35 years/male Department Selection Evaporator Job title Sorting and treating Controlling waste liquids evaporator Employment dates 20 December 1986-10 18 April 1994 January 2001 Onset April 2001 Late June 2001 Date of admission 1 May 2001 12 July 2001 Duration of 2 (4) (b) 7 (9) illness (weeks) (a) Viral hepatitis HAV, HBV marker (-) HAV, HBV marker (-) markers anti-HCV (+) anti-HCV (-) HCV PCR (-) Biopsy Hepatitic damage No biopsy Bridging necrosis Wide periportal necrosis R (c) 9.
The cirrhotic livers having low grades of the repair features were those livers with significant activity, as repair was obscured by active inflammation or bridging necrosis.
In both groups, bridging necrosis was not seen up to the 6-month post-OLTx follow-up period.