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He emphasized the words "some one," and loosing the horse's bridle,--
Then all doffed their hats humbly, without smiling or seeming to be in jest, while Little John took the bridle rein and led the palfrey still deeper into the forest, all marching in order, with Robin Hood walking beside the Sheriff, hat in hand.
At the critical moment before the jump is taken, I am foolish enough to seize the bridle, and suddenly check the pony.
So saying, Sir Nigel mounted the white horse of the Spanish cavalier, and rode quietly forth from his concealment with his three companions behind him, Alleyne leading his master's own steed by the bridle.
We will suppose that one man alone has to catch and mount a horse, which as yet had never felt bridle or saddle.
I shall answer no questions till you let go the bridle, - if you stand till morning.
He turned up by the road he had come from the chateau, Rouletabille still retaining his hold on the horse's bridle.
Hence John, standing with his hand upon the horse's bridle, and his great eyes on the rider, and with nothing passing to divert his thoughts, had really got some of these little circumstances into his brain by the time he was called upon to speak.
Winkle pulled at the bridle of the tall horse till he was black in the face; and having at length succeeded in stopping him, dismounted, handed the whip to Mr.
Unaccustomed to sudden emergencies, her head began to swim, and her grip upon the bridle to relax.
A groom was rubbing them down; near them were saddles and bridles.
Still holding the shoe, he looked at the array of horsehair bridles on the walls.