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05) with increasing bridle length for only two species (English sole and Pacific sanddab; Table 2) and in both cases smaller fish were caught at longer bridle lengths.
This stitching is analogous to and serves the same purpose as the bridle string on a war bonnet.
Online, Bridle presents the project in three separate parts, each on an individual web page, which he respectively labels "Proposition," "Technology," and "History.
The 59-yearold The council a gate, that's free rein motorbikes, and even go railway engineer said: "The council removed a gate and bridle step which was obstructing the road.
Backers never had a moment's worry as he came home clear unchallenged on the bridle.
A baby pink head collar and a black bridle with red diamante brow band were also stolen from the vehicle which was broken into on Alderney Grove in Thornaby in the early hours of Sunday, May 1.
The slip road from New Chester Road into Allport Road was closed, as was Allport Road either side of the junction with Bridle Road, and a police investigation is taking place.
The Southern Municipal Council wants to scrap the 450-metre walkway in Zallaq, which has been used as a bridle path for the last three decades, and instead use the facility as a family recreational area for residents in the governorate.
During his time at that yard, Lucky Bridle showed some potential in winning twice and being placed in a couple of Listed heats as well as showing up well against a Group one-placed rival.
The new Rescue Bridle allows rescue personnel to safely and efficiently rig a rescue stretcher with a rated lifting bridle that allows both a vertical and horizontal lifting capacity.
The air ambulance was sent to the accident scene, near to its junction with Bridle Lane, to fly him to hospital.
That it came from Labour backbencher Marje Bridle, a former head of housing, seemed all the more stunning.