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6-cm diameter bare stranded-wire bridles on each side (Fig.
There was some controversy here when Turtle Magic was withdrawn at the start because she was wearing a hackamore bridle, an incident which angered her trainer Ray Harris.
John Helme of Colwyn Bay has built up a formidable reputation as a supplier of top-class show bridles and harnesses; Picture: RICHARD WILLIAMS
The business is increasingly seeing many dangerous bridles being used, and aims to get older, poorer-quality bridles out of circulation.
For benthic species that remain closer to the sea bottom than the headrope height, this model specifies that trawl efficiency is primarily determined by two processes: escapement of fish out of the net path by passing either under the footrope or through the mesh (net efficiency) and herding of fish into the net path by the doors, mudclouds, and bridles (bridle efficiency).
class: tack room with gleaming bridles hanging in a figure-8 style,
The bridles were leather with martingales (neck straps) and bits of all different sizes.
A future fourth volume will be dedicated to cowboy and "prison horse hair" bridles.
The math for calculating the bridle lengths on a three-point bridle is a little more complicated than calculating the bridle lengths for two point bridles.
Team leader, Mark Smith, said: "Bridleless and Brainless have won the respect and admiration of many by being successful in this hair-raising sport without the use of conventional bridles.
Obviously, the modern jockey needs a racing saddle with stirrups to perch from, while a bridle with reins and various types of bits are used to steer the horse home - hopefully in front.
She is now up and running with the business which she runs from her home, in Stakeford, after converting the garage to a workshop where she repairs a wide range of equestrian items, including saddles, bridles and jodhpurs.