brief silence

See: lull
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There was another brief silence, during which Geraldine was addressed by her neighbour on the other side.
said Leslie, after a brief silence, pointing to the exquisite effect of a shaft of light falling through a cleft in the rock behind them, across a dark green pool at its base.
I can understand being carried away by feeling," she went on after a brief silence, "but deliberately, slyly deceiving me.
There was now a brief silence, during which Aramis never removed his eyes from Baisemeaux for a moment.
After a very brief silence, the merry-faced gentleman sent round the punch, and glancing slyly at the fastidious lady, who seemed desperately apprehensive that he was going to relate something improper, began
It makes no difference," she said suddenly, after a brief silence.
There ensued a brief silence, during which these two persons, who at first sight recognized each other so clearly as of noble race, examined each other without embarrassment on either side.
There was a brief silence, during which the fixed, searching eye of the abbe was employed in scrutinizing the agitated features of the inn-keeper.
When one of the participants asked if there was any Seraiki word for feminism, there was a brief silence.
After a brief silence, I decided not to try and explain That's Life or Opportunity Knocks, where a lockpicking horse probably wouldn't have got past the initial auditions.
May the brief silence at the 11th hour today ring loudly in our hearts every day.
In the brief silence that fell, that old familiar tension was back.

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